Chris Castro Bail Bonds and his very professional experienced network of Bail Agents want to make it as easy as possible to put this event behind you. Below are a list of standard charges and the bail amounts associated with them. Besides paying a fee to bail someone out we need a few forms filled out. Your professional bail agent will have all the require forms with him for you to fill out.

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Click Here to Bail Out Someone For Spousal Abuse $50,000 Bail Amount! 273.5(a)PC

The Bail Bonds process can be quick and confidential. The “Bail Amount” is the amount the court says is required for them to hold on to in order to release your friend/relative from jail with a promise to return to court. The fee for a “Bail Bond”, which is basically an insurance policy, is 10% of the bail amount. So in this case of a domestic violence bail amount of $50,000 10% is equal to $5,000 charge payable to the bail bondsman. The $5,000 is a fee and not refundable. The California Department of Insurance requires this 10% charge. If you do not have all $5,000 now in cash or available on your credit card a 0% interest easy payment plan of up to 12 months can be arranged. Some collaterial maybe be required to secure the loan but that can we can get anyone approved.


Click Here to Bail Out Someone for Drug Possession $20,000 Bail Amount! 11360(a)HS

This is a popular charge for police especially now with the issues of medical marijuana. Most people do not realize if your medical marijuana card says “recommended” instead of “prescribed” the police can arrest you and charge with with drug possession or drug trafficking.


Click Here to Bail Out Someone for Basic D.U.I. $5,000 Bail Amount!

This charge can be for an array of intoxicated issues. Drunk in public, driving while intoxicated etc.


Bail Out Someone for Basic Drug Possession $10,000 Bail Amount!



Medical marijuna is California can be very confusing. Make sure you read your cards for the words “prescribed” and do not assume you are protected when on the street with any amount of marijuana. The judges may feel otherwise but the police officer on the street can and will arrest you. Please be careful