Check out new Omega Comfort Tankless Water Heater Installations in Hancock Park and Pasadena!

John Castro Plumbing and Construction
Lowest Priced Latest Tankless
Custom Tankless
Water System
Hancock Park, Los
Angeles, California
*Omega Comfort Model 620D
*Interior Model
*Vents Into Existing Venting!
*Uses Existing 1/2″ Gas Line!
*Only Tankless That Works Perfect For
Condos and Apartments!
*Lifetime Warranty on Heat Exchanger!
*Made in Texas, USA!
Call Chris Right Now 818 209 2006
Check out these two 620D’s
bridged together to produce a
maximum of 14 gallons per
min of hot water!
Here is a look at this
installation in the garage
which took the place of a
100 gallon water heater!
These units supply the
main house and a guest
Check out another
garage installation of
Omega Comfort’s 620D in
Pasadena, California!
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